Jessica Fitzmaurice is a master esthetician with over 10 years of experience as well as a licensed Nail Tech. Jessica has worked in Scottsdale, Arizona for a dermatologist and plastic surgeons in the Boston area. She is a licensed educator at Catherine Hinds in Woburn, Massachusetts. She truly enjoys her career and is extremely passionate about your skin!

"We by passed the skeevy nail salon down the street (see: cheap) and decided to go here and pay the three extra dollars for the better service and atmosphere. They fit us in without an appointment and the girl who did our nails was phenomenal. Not only did she do a great job, she was hilarious and down to earth. " J.B.

"Jessica, the spa's esthetician, is awesome and super friendly! She definitely knows what she is talking about and is really good at what she does! So glad I got the 3 sessions of micro and not just one! Cannot wait to go back!"S.S.

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